15/01/2018 "The Post" Premiere-Milán, Itálie
15/01/2018 "The Post" Premiere-Milán, Itálie
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The genuine article appeared in the magazine frequently in the 1980s' and now Margaret Thatcher is back on the cover of Newsweek.
But sadly for fans of the right-wing icon, it's merely Meryl Streep, 62 , in her eerily accurate impersonation of The Iron Lady, from the film of the same name.
Baroness Thatcher, now 86 , often gave interviews to the US political magazine at the height of her power and friendship with the late former president Ronald Reagan.
Awards speculation is a given when two-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep is front and center of a prestige project, ans with her tackling formidable British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, topping this movie's potential kudos pyramid will likely be the celebrated thesp's 17th Oscar nomination.
Na decembrovom 34.ročníku udeľovania cien Kennedyho centra vzdajú hold tvorbe piatich kultúrnych ikon. Na svojej webovej stránke o tom informoval magazín Holly wood Reporter, Medzi ocenenými budú herečka Meryl Streep, spevák a skladateľ Neil Diamond, čelista Yo-Yo Ma, saxofonista a skladateľ Sonny Rollins a speváčka Barbara Cook.
The Weinstein Co. release about British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher will arrive just before the Oscar-qualifying deadline.
The Weinstein Co. has set a release date for its awards hopeful The Iron Lady, starring Meryl Streep, and the movie will just be slipping in under the Oscar-qualifying wire.
The Kennedy Center Honors have been announced, and they're a nice little group this year. Meryl Streep, Yo Yo Ma, Neil Diamond, singer Barbara Cook, and jazz musician Sonny Rollins are getting the nods. Streep was long overdue at this point. She may be headed to an Oscar nomination again with "Iron Lady."
Asked by a University of Texas student whether she ever foresaw an acting career crowned by more than 100 major awards, Meryl Streep cackled.
“This is so sick,” Streep said to more than 400 film and theater students at the Payne Theatre on Friday.
Is the world dying for a Margaret Thatcher biopic? Probably no more that it's dying for Harold Wilson or John Major biopics, the dramatic possibilities of the Falkland's War notwithstanding. But wait. A Margaret Thatcher biopic starring Meryl Streep? That'S P.M.-tainment! How she wrested the part from one Dame or another remains a mystery whose solution is known only to the actress and her director, we're just thrilled she got her mits on it.
Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Suzan-Lori Parks and Oskar Eustis participated in a panel discussion held at the Ford Center on Wednesday, October 26. The panel was held in conjuction with an advance screening of the film Joe Papp in Five Acts by Tracie Holder abd Karen Thorsen.
Meryl Streep is "amazing" in her portrayal as Margaret Thatcher, the film's writer Abi Morgan has said.
The two-time Oscar winner takes the lead role as the former British Prime Minister in the upcoming biopic The Iron Lady, alongside Jim Broadbent as her screen husband Denis.
Meryl Streep, portraying Margaret Thatcher, is wearing a wig of what looks like beautifully coiffed, blonde razor wire. She purses her lips, and casts a steely glare around her Cabinet.
It's a moment that demonstrates her dominance of her ministers.
At least that's the idea, in this exclusive shot taken from the film The Iron Lady, which goes on release here on January 6.
Congratulations to actress Mamie Gummer and fiancee Ben Walker, star of Broadway's "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.
"The couple tied the knot over the weekend, sources say, at a very small private wedding at the home of Meryl Streep and Don Gummer, Mamie's acting, sculpting parents.
The lady's not for turning: How Margaret Thatcher refused to meet Meryl Streep over the Hollywood film about the former Prime Minister
Film Council censored details of £1m handout for biopic
Margaret Thatcher refused to meet actress Meryl Streep to discuss a new film about the former Prime Minister over fears that it could distort her 11 years in power.
The makers of The Iron Lady wanted Miss Streep to talk about the project with Lady Thatcher so that she could copy her accent and manner and gain a better understanding of her.
But it was made clear that they would have to make do with talking to members of her inner circle.
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